Exchange OST File Corrupted? What Should I do Know


OST aka Offline Storage Table is the file format used by Microsoft Outlook application. This file format is the replica of the mailbox items stored on the Exchange server. The primary key attribute of the OST file is that it lets the user to work in offline mode. The user can easily perform actions like reading, deletion of existing emails, drafts etc. When the user reconnects to the internet these file gets synchronized with the exchange server.  Its not matter of surprise the users Exchange OST file corrupted. Corruption is a common problem faced by Outlook users when any unfavourable circumstances can happen.

So in this article, I will discuss the main reasons for corruption of Outlook OST file so that you can avoid them in the future. Also, we will discuss the ways to resolve Exchange OST file corrupted problem by using both the manual and automated methods. Before proceeding to the solution part

Lets us discuss the reasons first,

Why Your Exchange OST file Gets Corrupted / Damaged – Know The Reasons

There are many reasons why your Exchange OST file gets corrupted/damaged. We can divide them into two categories:

  1. Hardware Reasons: Malfunctioning or inappropriate configuration of an external component of the computer such as Hard disk, network connectors modem etc.

Data Storage Device failure: Your Exchange OST file is stored on the hard drive of your computer. In case if your hard drive has bad sectors then OST corruption could be the result of the existence of bad sectors on the hard drive.

Sudden Power Loss Issue: Due to power surges or unexpectedly power failure results in the OST file corruption. In the case when the power supply is higher, then due to high supply the machine gets affected with an excess of the power supply.

Network Connection Failure:  When the user synchronize the OST file with the server through a network connection then if the networking devices such as network interface cards, cables, routers have a problem. Then the OST file synchronization process will get aborted and the users OST file will get corrupted.

  1. Software Failure: Due to software related issues, the users OST file will get corrupted. Virus infection, bugs transmission, application failure, downloading unreliable resources are common reasons. Some of the common reasons are mentioned in the above section.

Due to abnormal termination of MS Outlook:  Improper or abruptly termination of MS Outlook application will also lead to exchange OST file corrupted problem. Once the user is done with Microsoft task and emailing function then the user has to exit all the open windows and the dialogue box. Do not close a process while it is in operation otherwise your OST file will get damaged.


Virus or Malware: Because of virus or malicious software will damage the Exchange OST file or make them inaccessible. So it highly recommended to Install, quality antivirus on your system.

Increase OST file size: When the Outlook OST file exceeds its storage limit then it turns corrupt or inaccessible. So it’s better to compact and split the Outlook OST file on a regular basis to keep the data in an organized manner.

Manual Solution to Resolve Outlook OST File Corrupted Problem


#Technique 1: Repair OST file by using ScanPST ( Inbox Repair Tool)

Inbox Repair tool is the Native solution provided by Microsoft Outlook application to solve the minor level corruption of OST file. This inbuilt utility can fix the minor corruption issues present in the OST file. To Know more about this method the user can refer: Repair OST file Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

Note: If you are using Microsoft Outlook version below 2010 then you have to use ScanOST ( OST integrity checker tool) to repair OST file.


Limitations of ScanPST.exe ( Inbox Repair Tool )

  1. Able to fix a minor level of corruptions.
  2. The user won’t be able to recover deleted emails from OST file.
  3. There is no safety assurance while recovering the data.


Remove Exchange OST File Corrupted Issue by Using OST Recovery Tool

Whatever be the cause of your OST file corruption, the native solutions are not the best solution to deal with the corruption problems of OST file. In that case, the user can use the most authentic OST recovery application. This software is the best to recover damaged OST file. Outlook. This software gives you the option to save the OST file data as Outlook PST / EML / MSG / Office 365 / HTML file. Also in case if the OST file is in the orphaned state then the user can also use this software. Moreover, this OST data recovery software is easily operable so that anyone can easily use this software with ease.

Bringing It All Together

Corruption problem in Outlook application is unpredictable. It can disturb the normal functioning of the Outlook or restrict the Outlook user to access OST file data. Many times Microsoft Outlook users have to face Exchange OST file corrupted problem. So in this article, we have explained the common reason for OST file damaged issue, to resolve this problem we have discussed both the manual as well as the automated solution.


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